Think you’re cut out for a road trip? Take the quiz!


Road trips are heaps of fun, especially in Africa. Take our quiz to see what kind of road tripper you are.

There are some incredible places to see in Southern Africa. Some require a fair bit of effort to get to, while others require no effort at all.

We enjoy our long, three week road trips as much, if not more so, than a quick weekend away. If you choose, a road trip can be anything from a few nights away at different lodges or hotels. It can also consist of thousands of kilometers staying in places with no water, no electricity and no fences.

Whatever type of trip you choose, adventure and excitement lie ahead, that much cannot be argued.

Remember, even when things go bad, it’s still a part of the fun.

AfriShots has been on a few road trips in Southern Africa and we’ve written a series, or two, right here. You can read about our first two below:

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