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Ngepi Hippo

[Road Trip 2013] Part 3 – Ngepi Camp, Namibia

Day 2 The access road to Ngepi Camp was not the nicest road of all, not when you’re expecting easy access. It was incredibly bumpy and there was lots of deep, soft sand. After having almost been stuck already, we saw the above sign which I’m sure many of you …


[Road Trip 2013] Crakes and the Bird Whisperer

Sitting in our campsite at Ngepi Camp in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia, on our 2013 Road Trip we took it upon ourselves to do a little bird spotting.¬†On that particular day we encountered countless birds and identified more than twenty different species, one of which was a Crake (see above). …

[Road Trip 2013] Part 1 – Introduction

Since last year we have been planning our road trip for this year and finally the time arrived for us to depart. From the 23rd April 2013 until the 10th May 2013 we traveled through Botswana to Namibia before heading back to South Africa. Our destinations included: Kang – Botswana …