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Kichaka Game Drive

African Safari Packing Guide For First Timers

It can be intimidating knowing what to pack for your first luxury African Safari because, well, it’s Africa. Do you take everything including the kitchen sink, or do you take nothing and expect them to have it all for you? What the lodge provides varies from place to place but …

Plains Zebra

Dazzled by a Dazzle – Zebra

Did you know a group of zebras is called a dazzle? Rightly so too, and here’s why; Most predators only see in black and white, or similar, so can you imagine when on the hunt for zebra and as you give chase, the group (or dazzle) of zebra start running. …

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Pangolin Facts and Figures

¬†Interesting Facts About Pangolins One of the species of critters that inhabits Sub-Saharan Africa is the Pangolin and with the focus on Rhino and Elephant poaching at the moment, it is easy to forget, or overlook, some of the other species that are in dire straits. I am by no …