[Road Trip 2013] Part 4 – Rundu & Tsumeb


2013 Leg 3 - Map

Day 5

After breaking camp with Norris the Crake hanging around to say goodbye we stopped for fuel in Divundu. This was the first time I had to fill up without Jason having to do the same, but I still had a few tanks on him so I wasn’t concerned. Leaving Divundu we set off on the 531km leg to Kupferquelle in Tsumeb for a one night stop before entering Etosha the next day.

This was our first proper experience with the roads in Namibia and we were incredibly, and pleasantly, surprised. For roads that go through the absolute middle of nowhere, they were in perfect condition. No matter where we were, the roads were smooth and pothole free. Something that is a mind boggling experience for anyone from South Africa. We drove through remote villages and all the while, the locals were friendly and waving at us as we drove past. Livestock along the road was all accompanied by a herder who chased them away from the road whenever a car came along.

We stopped at a picnic spot, or two, for a leg stretch before getting to Rundu and again, the cleanliness and upkeep impressed us. Every ten or fifteen kilometres was another picnic spot and each had tables, chairs and a garbage bin. There was no litter at all lying around, again something strange for us South African locals.

We stopped at Rundu for two reasons; the first being they had a Wimpy and we were dying for bacon and egg. The second being that, as we were used to by now, Jason needed fuel.

What we expected to be a quick stop-and-go ended up being an ordeal that took well over an hour. The refueling was relatively quick but the order of food, not so much. That was a very educational experience regarding “Everything in Africa happens on African Time”. Things are done, when they’re done.

It took ages to get service at the take-away cashier. Then the order was wrong. In hind sight it’s actually quite amusing, however, at the time our empty bellies didn’t seem to think so.
From Wimpy, as a take-away, I always have a toasted bacon, cheese and tomato. It’s delicious!
Now, what took so long was I was given a bacon, egg, cheese and tomato. Not lekker, I didn’t want that.

So we tried to correct the order and after much talking back and fourth were admonished for ordering a bacon, cheese and tomato instead of

  • a bacon, egg, cheese and tomato without the egg, or
  • a cheese and tomato with extra bacon.

My bad, lesson learned: I’m stupid.

The rest of the drive was a pleasure, no traffic, excellent roads and plenty to look at.

We pulled into Tsumeb an hour early as there is a time zone change. Excellent. Long day on the road and only one night at Kupferquelle resort so all we did was set up the tents and unpack the chairs. We’d eat at the restaurant that evening, which turned out to be a Dros, and climb into bed for an early rise the next day and then…Etosha!

Checking in to Kupferquelle was painless and we were assigned a campsite, probably the first time I’ve ever experienced that. Turned out there was only one other site in use and the lady at reception did say if we wanted to move we were more than welcome.
Kupferquelle is beautiful, stunning green grass, lots of space, easy access, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a Dros.

We hovered around camp for a bit, relaxing and drinking beer before showering in the excellent, clean, ablution facilities at Kupferquelle and making our way to the Dros for dinner. We were famished and hadn’t had any trustworthy meat in days, steaks all around and it was divine! They even had a special on which Jason and Jenece tested out with yummy results: 300g steak, cheese, mushroom sauce, toffee pudding, a shot of Wild Africa Cream and a Wild Africa Cream glass for N$99.95 (R99.95). I had a good old 500g steak and chips.

I must admit that the first 30 minutes at the Dros were spent in absolute silence as we made use of the Wifi coupons we’d bought at reception.

We went to bed after a few more drinks and discovered that Kupferquelle is patrolled regularly by security as we heard the guard yelling at someone over the walkie-talkie on a number of occassions.

Day 6
The next morning we rose early, broke our mini camp and headed into Tsumeb to get supplies from the Spar. We stopped at the Engen on the way out as they had another Wimpy, this time just for coffee. We spent a good amount of time against the hood of my car getting a local sim card to work and catching up on social media time while drinking our coffee.

An hour and a half later we arrived at Etosha and I promise to tell you all about it next week!

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