[Road Trip 2013] Crakes and the Bird Whisperer


Chuck & Norris

Sitting in our campsite at Ngepi Camp in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia, on our 2013 Road Trip we took it upon ourselves to do a little bird spotting. On that particular day we encountered countless birds and identified more than twenty different species, one of which was a Crake (see above).

Jason, sitting there with his iPad and the Sasol Birding app started going through the various calls of the birds we were identifying and when he played the call of the Crake, we heard a return call coming from the reeds not too far off from the tents.

He repeated the call and each time it was returned from the reeds until, after not too long, three little Crakes emerged to see who was stumbling around in their neighbourhood.

They appeared rather dismayed, after circling the camp a number of times, at their misfortune for having not found the intruder. Every day, and multiple times each day, they returned to see if the stranger had reappeared.

In the spirit of AfriShots, we give every regular visitor a name and as there we three of them we decided on Chuck, Norris and Rocks…har har!

Norris was an incredibly friendly little fellow and had no problem coming close to us while looking for the estranged Crake. Even as we were breaking camp on our last morning, the friendly little trio came to see us off.

Norris had been up to some mischief the night before and had his beak and legs covered in black but he was there to wave us off as we pulled out of the campsite.

Those were the first three friends we made on the trip.


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