Mission Statement



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The vision for Afrishots is simply to make an impact in the conservation industry, ensuring the wellbeing of our wildlife and bringing their plight to the attention of the public. Preservation of our wildlife is an integral part of the African culture and should be nurtured and encouraged through education and awareness programs. Children specifically should be exposed to the dangers of extinction of many of our indigenous creatures and this way we can ensure their longevity. This will be achieved through high quality photography and independent reviews of sanctuaries, game lodges or any institution involved with the wildlife of Southern Africa.

We aim to raise funds through offering annual memberships to those interested in joining hands with us in this venture, together with the sale of wildlife related products and the hosting of exciting fundraising events. Over and above the initial Membership fee, we welcome any financial and material donations as well as volunteer assistance.

Our long-term goal is to raise sufficient funds to establish and run a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre in order to further our objectives in partnership with likeminded existing organisations.

By becoming a member of the Afrishots vision you will be directly involved in our efforts to achieve our goals for Wildlife conservation and will continuously be updated on our progress, with the opportunity of hands-on involvement.