Guest Blogging


So you fancy yourself a writer and would like to contribute an article to Afrishots? That’s fantastic and you are more than welcome to!

Before you do though, please ensure that you meet the following guidelines.

Categories of Guest Articles

  • Trip Reports
  • Wildlife Accommodation Reviews
  • Wildlife and Landscape Photography Guides
  • Camping Tips & Guides
  • Conservation Reports

Guildines for Guest Blogging

  • When submitting an article to Afrishots, ensure it is related to Southern Africa. While we have an international audience spanning the globe, AfriShots started and is focused on Southern Africa.
  • Your article needs to be between 500 and 1,000 words. If your article is longer then consider splitting into a series of articles.
  • Any external links in your article need to point to a related article or source.
  • You need to be willing to accept that external links may have the nofollow tag assigned.
  • Your article needs to be well written, in English, and needs to be original. We will run duplicate content checks before publishing any articles.
  • Once your article is published at Afrishots, you may not repost the article to any other sites, including your own. Duplicate content on the web is frowned upon by search engines
  • We have the right to insert calls to action and/or links to Afrishots content within your article when it is published
  • You need to have registered for an account on our site and have it linked to a valid email address
  • Should your article not have any pictures then we will assign at least one image when publishing your article.
  • Articles will be edited and links will be checked. We will only change your text if spelling and grammar errors are picked up.
  • Any changes we feel are needed to your article, we will inform you of and either make the changes, with your acceptance, or ask you to resubmit the article.
  • Ensure the Biographical Information section of your profile has some information about you in it.

In order to submit an article to us, please use our contact form and send us an outline of the article you want to submit. Should we accept your offer you will be sent instructions on the format and method for sending us the article and images.