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Afrishots was founded back in 2011 for the purpose of sharing our passion and pictures of they wonderful world we live in and to try and create awareness of the plight some of these species face. With our 2013 Calendar entering the final stages and nearing print, we’ve been inspired both by this, and the feedback we’ve received, to take Afrishots in a whole new direction.

Over the next few months you are going to see a change in how we do things. Not what we do, just how we do them.

We’ve spent the last few weeks pouring over legislation, compiling documents and gathering facts to get ready to turn Afrishots into a Non-Profit Company.

What does this mean?

There are so many people, companies and organisations out there doing their best to save and protect wildlife of all sizes and they need all the help they can get. It is with that in mind that we have made the decision to transform into a non-profit organisation to raise funds and awareness for these amazing people.

By forming an NPC, we hope to sell products of a wildlife and conservation nature and host events to raise funds. We will then be bound by the law to donate the profits to other organisations and causes.

What happens now?

The process of applying for NPC approval can be a long one so in the mean time we are going to start transforming the way we do things to be in line with the Constitution we have developed and go all out with our efforts so once we have been approved, and receive our NPC number, it will just be a case of “business as usual”.

We are going to operate in a manner that promotes transparency, in that our organisation guidelines and policies will be publicly available on our website so anyone can measure us against the goals and targets we’ve set. Once a year we will nominate two charities who will receive the funds we’ve raised through that financial year through the sale of products (for example our 2013 Calendar) and fund raising efforts.

This also means we will be taking on more members to help us market our brand and create awareness.

Please watch this space, very exciting changes are taking place and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all of them!

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